Las Vegas Valley Scorpions

Las Vegas Valley Scorpions

When the temperature rises in the Las Vegas Valley, so do scorpion sightings. Valley View Pest Control knows all too well the nature of these beasts.

Scorpions thrive in harsh climates. They prefer climates from 68 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit but are very adaptable. So adaptable they can actually slow their metabolism down enough to live off one insect and no water for a year! Imagine living on one cheeseburger for an entire year! Most of our customers with scorpion sightings live on the edge of the valley where there is open desert, but also Green Valley and Summerlin. Where there is digging, construction, open land or water, you will most likely spot these unwanted visitors. Even though they look like a crab mixed with part lobster, part devil, they are most related to spiders, mites and ticks. Baby scorpions ride on their mother’s back until their first molt. Before they reach adulthood, scorpions will molt 7 times. Typical life span is 3-8 years.

With over 2000 species of scorpions, approximately 23 of those live in Las Vegas. Only one, Arizona Bark Scorpion, actually has enough venom to kill a human. Venomous stings are more dangerous and fatal to elderly, small children and pets. If stung, it is painful and reacts much like a wasp or bee sting. You may feel a tingling, burning sensation at the sting site. Benadryl can help with adults after a sting but if you are having difficulty breathing or swallowing, seek medical attention immediately! Children who have a reaction can get an anti-venom at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Many people believe that stinging is their number one defense. It is also believed that these creatures are aggressive and on a carnivorous man hunt. The truth is, scorpions are actually timid burrowers with 6-12 eyes that can’t see very well. Smells and vibrations are what they rely on. Stinging is their last resort for defense. They prefer to use their pinchers to subdue their prey because a defensive sting will take days to refill their venom.

When people get stung, its usually because they accidentally stepped on the scorpion, or reached into their living quarters. It is best to eliminate clutter, boxes, and yard debris. Have your palm trees trimmed and shaved. Always check inside shoes, bins, boxes, bags, ect. Scorpions are sensitive to light making them nocturnal. They usually hide out in holes, under rocks, surface objects or in trees during the day. They love to eat insects. Having pest control on a regular basis will eliminate their food supply and scorpion activity. Some people believe it is impossible to kill scorpions. Wrong! Having a skilled and knowledgeable pest control specialist (like us!) is key. We use a dust which we have found most effective along with a highly concentrated flowable designed to kill scorpions. It’s great because it also eliminates your general pests such as roaches, spiders, crickets, ect. Black light hunting is a great way to gain control of these pests. They glow green and burrow which makes them easy to spot with the black light. Our company offers a chemically assisted black light service where we come out at night to hunt and kill on contact and we put product down.

While the weather starts to cool down around October through winter months, it is important to keep up on you pest control. Some people will get sprayed on a seasonal basis which makes everything very lively come spring. Keeping up on it year round will be the best way to keep scorpions away.