Can vary between 13in-14in in length and 10-11 in height

Pigeons are a grayish color. The males have a colorful marking around its head usually a purple or green color. Pigeons will nest in any shaded area. They will get in to eves on your roof and under your air conditioner unit. They construct their nests out of their own droppings. The female pigeon will never move away from her nest she will have generation after generation of baby’s in the same nest. There dropping contain many disease that deal with the respiratory system. To control pigeon all the nesting sites must be excluded. All the dropping must be cleaned and the areas covered in droppings must be sanitized. After the entire nest sites have been cleaned and sanitized something must be placed in the nest site to discourage the bird from nesting there spikes, hard wire mesh etc. If you believe to have an infestation the best thing to do is contact a professional.